Equip yourself with the ultimate tool that enables you to design, create, and manage your software or applications the way you want. With no programming skills needed.
The ultimate software building tool that requires you to have no prior coding experience.

What does Rconnect do?

Rconnect will turn you into an expert in software building without you having to know how to code. If building isn't your passion and you are looking for something else. Fret not, as our library store will have something for you. Our library store boasts a wide range of prebuilt applications catering to all user's needs.

Pre-Built Data Base

By using Rconnect, users will never have to worry about the technicalities of building a database. Our services cater to all: from programming amateurs to experienced coders. Build your own database from scratch or choose from a wide array of database templates we offer.

Backend Builder

Another feature offered is the ability to customize your own unique backend system with minimal programming experience required. Add your desired components through simple movements with the help of our builder system or construct your own backend system using your own programming knowledge.

UI Builder

Personalize your user interface system to your liking with our array of templates with minimal programming experience required. Simply drag and drop your desired components with the help of our user-friendly system or choose to build your user interface system with your programming experience.

Third Patry API Gateway

Rconnect allows for the integration of third party softwares such as Telegram, CRM, ERP, Payment Gateways etc. We believe that this allows for both systems to complement each other and completely suit our user’s needs.

Data Security and Privacy

Your privacy is our priority. Here at Rconnect, we place strong emphasis on data security and that is why our data and servers are encrypted according to national standards. Server encryption employed is IS0-27001, while data encryption standard employed is AES256.

Data Analytics

Our data analysis function allows you to better understand your business, predict your marketing directions, estimate your revenue and plan a better future for you and your business.

Pre-Built Library

A wide array of database, backend system and UI templates, along with a wide variety of add-ons and even completed softwares or products are categorised and arranged neatly for you in the pre-built library for you to choose and use instantly.

In-App Message Platform

Rconnect provides EDM, email delegation, notification and live chat functions though our in-app messaging platform, which allows users to communicate through Rconnect or integrate with other messaging service providers such as Gmail or to any user specific domain emails.

User Authentication

Rconnect offers a variety of identification add-ons for our users to choose from. Such as username/password, 2FA, facial recognition etc. Rconnect is also working towards partnering with other parties, to allow our users to access other party services with Rconnect.

Business Platform

Users can put up their products in Rconnect’s application library. Rconnect is also starting an auto-pilot business platform where you can put up your product or service inquiries on Rconnect. Our Backend AI will then source for the product or service that best cater to your needs. If you are a supplier or service provider business opportunities will come to you through Rconnect so that you can improve sales and better your business.

Follow Rconnect's Step

What is happening with Rconnect? Follow our footsteps and be a part of our journey.
The Founding of Rconnect
Where it happened at a miraculous corner.
The Start of Project Rconnect

Rconnect was born today and we were already sure that its completion will shock the world.

First Customer

Today is a big day, as we had our very first customer!

Is Rconnect Costly?

Rconnect is free for all to use. However, should you wish to upload or export your work, you are required to subscribe to us. Fret not, as there are 3 levels of membership for you to choose from. So check out the table below and see which plan fits your needs best.

Rconnect's future with you

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