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    Additional Free Software For You

    We have ready services such as notification appaccounting and project manager software just for you to speed up your business. All of these services are free of charge.

    How we work?

    Step 1

    We start with understanding your projects. Followed by researching on your rivals and the latest technology. 

    Step 2

    Next, we come out with a solution for your business. Showing you what we will do in the development stage.

    Step 3

    Finally, we will start on the development for your business on the previous proposal and be ready to succeed.

    Quick Tracking Service

    Are you our on-going customer? You can login and check your development progress here, or just simply key in your Tasking number and see the progress!

    *Key in your Tasking number and you will be redirected to your progress page

    We are an expert in many industries

    Solution Provider

    Rhorizon has an immense portfolio of technology solutions that spans multiple industries. Not only that, we are still constantly updating our knowledge with new technology to enhance our solutions.

    Web Service

    A blog, portfolio or a registration page? We covered a wide range of website and ready for deployment anytime!

    Enterprise System

    Are you looking for something to track your business in any form? Be it inventory, employees, schedule or anything, we can make it happen.


    Selling items online? We got you covered with all the payment gateway and design. Simply just upload your items and worry no more on the complex set up!

    Machine Learning

    Want to automate some dull work with a system? We have machine learning engineer that will create that system just for you!

    AWS / Server Management

    A reliable server is the core of all technology. Which is why we will help you manage and keep it running.

    Custom Application

    Rhorizon has an in-depth understanding of the consumer industry and offers solutions. Just let us know your issues today!

    smart sensor home

    Smart home / Smart office

    Rhorizon has another department just for smart home or office solution. Click on the link below to find out more!

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    A eco-friendly system

    We do not trap companies into non standard development. This means your product is compliant to an open source standard that can be changed or modified with or without us.

    Why choose us

    What Makes Us Different

    • We help you do your research
    • We help to identify problems
    • We are constantly upgrading ourselves
    • We are successful
    • We help you to achieve success
    Why customers love us

    We help you do your research

    Rhorizon is willing to spend time to research on your companies rival and come out with a selling point that your rival doesn’t have. Because of this, our customers are usually more successful in executing their businesses.

    Why customers love us

    We help to identify problems

    Our Engineers here in Rhorizon are trained with to identify root of the problems and solve them accurately. Be it network, application or protocol, we are also trained in solving complex algorithms that your business might need!

    Why customers love us

    We are constantly upgrading ourselves

    At Rhorizon, our staff are educated with our inhouse education system. We always want our staff to be updated with the latest technology and algorithm to help our customers to be always ahead of their rival.

    Why customers love us

    We are successful

    At Rhorizon, we have successfully integrated with complex system, machine learning application and even custom e-commence system.

    Why customers love us

    We help you to achieve success

    “Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth.”― Archimedes At Rhorizon, we are the fulcrum and we provide the lever for our customer to further enhance their strength, enlarge their market and improve their efficiency to achieve success.


    Know us more

    More About Us

    We helped many companies to integrate software that are deemed to be impossible to integrate.

    At Rhorizon, we know experience and knowledge matters. Our staff are trained in problem solving skills and are often sent for courses to improve their skills. We even have a security team to test your application!

    we are an advanced company

    Using High Technology

    • We Use AI In The Line That’s why we can do impossible things and automate data faster.
    • Advanced Communication SystemWe can manage our team very well in an organized communication system and never miss a timeline.
    • High End Customer PortalOur Customer portal is created for convenience, waste no time on admin procedures with our advanced portal.